Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oh, no ! It's December !

It's december already. i know, it's not early december but it's still december, right ? So i'm not that late :p Actually i don't know why but december had been a bad month for me for these past 6 years. Bad things always happened on december. Maybe it's just a coincidence but it really happened. I hope this year and another come up december are not like that ! And finally ! The internet connection is back ! So i could (hopefully) update this blog as much as i can. By the way, i'm writing this post using my brother's laptop and the keyboard's format is different with ours because it's european ;( it's so damn difficult to type with this, but I think i will get used to it because want it or not I should borrow this laptop if I want to update my blog because my laptop is broken :(

Ah ! anyway, I just had the entrance test of my new university last sunday. And the general knowledge test was not as easy as i thought. It's quite difficult >.< please help me to pray !! I wish I will pass the test ! *fingercrossed*. I wore my high school uniform yesterday because it's the rule. I have never wore this again since I graduated 2 years ago. Does it still suit me ? Do i look cute wearing this uniform ? xD LOLOL please do not throw up ! :p

On this post, you'll see a lot of pictures ! please bare with me hahaha. I went to Plaza Indonesia with my boyfie after a loooong time not hanging out together. (i missed you babyboo<3). We (I) had lunch at Santouka Ramen, it was my very first time. Been wanting to try it but I just didn't have time. I've heard the pork cheeks is super delicious, so i ordered the pork cheeks with kara-miso ramen. The waiter said that was the different kind of pork cheeks, it's new from Brazil or Italy or whatever i forgot :p it's more juicy, chewier, and yummier than the regular one. And it's true ! It wasssss sooooo delicious ! I want it more xD *greedy*. Boyfie just ordered fried gyoza because he's not a fan of ramen.

It's boyfie's turn. We went to Zenbu, and he ordered these sushi. After that we had Ichigo Parfait for our evening dessert. We also took lots of selfies yesterday xD lol

Bebe i love yooouuuu ! <3

Boyfie was just too busy eating that parfait and didn't want to get distracted by this photoshoot season, he wanted to eat all of the frozen strawberries inside xD

And this was my outfit that day. Again and again, I'm so sorry for the bad quality of pictures :(

We crossed the street to go to Grand Indonesia, and boyfie helped me took these pictures. He made me laugh right after he finished counting. But it's not that bad right ? :p

Sister gave me this white dress, because she thinks after she married and gave birth, it doesnt suit her anymore, it looks too young to her lol. And i decided to wear this dress because i wanted to look more girly that day. Actually, i'm not that into dresses.

White lace dress - Pull & Bear
Black boots - New Look

I didnt realize my scarft looked like this before i went to the ladies room :( it was kinda windy that day, so i guess the wind made my scarf looked like this *sighs*

OH! we did a window shopping yesterday, my wallet is not that happy so i couldn't shop :( but i took these pictures and planned to ask my friend to get me one of this clothes from US because they are way cheaper there. but i just sooo confused !

i really love that leather dungaree skirt ! actually, i've been looking for a perfect dungaree, i dont really like dungaree short, so i was just happy to found this dungaree skirt. but at the same time, i also loveeeee this cut out tribal maxi dress ! it made me look slimmer :p

i look slimmer here, do i ? Trust me, i have gained 6 Kgs ;( Im not as slim as i look on these pictures :(

Please leave comment below to help me choose which cloth i should pick !

last but not least ! i took picture with Santa Clause !! *happycry* thankyouuuu so much bebe for took this picture :'') been wanting to take picture with santa since i was a kid but i was just too shy to ask. yes, when i was a kid i was a super shy person X''D

What did you do on last sunday ? I hope you had a great weekend ! see you on my next post !

Titany Shintamurty <3


  1. Oooh, such a great post! :) Have an amazing day!!


    1. Thankyou so much dear !
      Have an amazing day too ! <3


  2. I'd totally prefer those tribal maxi dresses if I were you.
    It makes you look girlish and pwetty :-)
    Happy holiday!


    1. Oh, really ? x") thankyou so much pretty <3
      Have a nice holiday too ! :)


  3. You guys looks so cute together!<3<3
    Would you like to follow each other via gfc and bloglovin? Let me know! (:

    Happy Holidays,

  4. Awww thanks dear ! <3
    Oh sure dear, why dont you follow me first ? and i'll follow you back as soon as i online on PC, im using my phone right now. So it's kinda difficult hehe
    Have a nice day pretty ! <3



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