Monday, December 14, 2015

Channeling My Inner Turkish

Hello gorgeous people, how you doing ? I hope you're doin fine, because i am ;)
This post is gonna be about the whole makeup look that my friend, Xaveria S. Saritta did to my face a week ago. Scroll down, guys ! ;)

So, she's a new talented MUA in town, she asked me to be her model on her school's session. Since i had nothing to do on that day, so i think why not ? Actually i skipped Uni that day and thank God the lecturers didn't come. I know lucky me, right ? xD 

And that day's makeup was Arabian Look. Sadly they don't have the veil, so i was just wearing this red lace scarf. 

At first she put on this super gorgeous red lipstick on me. She really likes this look. But i personally think, i look like Betawinese more than Arabian with this look LOL

Don't get me wrong, i still like this look, only the way the scarf worn that i think made me look like Betawinese.

This is the closer look, i really amazed by those perfect brows, gonna learn how to make them !! 

I askes her to change the lipstick into nude, i know it still has a bit redish colour from the previous lipstick, but it still looks nice, doesn't it ? ;)

I personally think nude looks better than the red one. 

Thank great grandpa for turkish blood ;p 
Some of you might (or might not) know that i'm a mixed roots.
I have Indonesian, Turkish and Chinese bloods run through my veins. 
Some of people might not believe but this is where i got my height (my Mom said he was around 6.6 feets tall :O ) and my eyes from. 
But some people definitely can tell from what i look like. People oftenly ask whether i'm a mixed roots or not because my face doesn't look like Indonesian people.
But i still figure it out, which part of me that shows i have Chinese blood runs through me LOL. This is weird but some of my friends can tell while i'm still wondering.

So, which look do you think looks best on me ? Please tell me what you think about this look down below ! :D

Bonus pictures with the MUA, i know she must be mad at me because i post these on my blog. But yeah, i did :p


with <3

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Publik Markette & Union Deli

Hi ! As i promised you before, today's post is gonna be about some foods that i ate at Publik Markette ! Oh i forgot to tell you that i also had a chance to finally tried out that (not that too) famous (anymore) Red Velvet Pie and another cakes at Union Deli.

I went there with some Uni friends. We got there way past lunch time, i guess around 3 PM or so, i cant recall. We sat at the no-smoking section which is quite unfunctional because it's located beside the smoking section. We were wondering what's the difference between them. Ah forget about that. Let's talk about the food ;)

We had a difficult time choosing what to order because the menus have no pictures like at all. I guess we all are a visual persons lol. And after the waitresses come twice with not that really amusing look we decided to ordered what might sound delicious.

1. Daily Gallery Pork Belly 165K++

Actually this one belongs to Michael. Because i dont really eat pork ( ;) ) lol. This one is fried pork belly i guess, not sure if those pork are fried or grilled. The waitress said you can pick the side dish, the options are Coleslaw Salad or Hainam Rice. Well because Michael has a super big apetite, he chose rice (ofcourse). I tasted this a bit, i think it tasted like duck lol but my friends said "Wow this is a real pork! Taste definitely like pork!!". Hmm i smirked my forehead a bit and thought "Were all of you eating unreal pork or what ?? What are pork supposed to taste like ??" Then i think again, im the one who think it tastes like duck hahaha. Well idk, but Michael said the pork is too dry, the fats are supposed to melt in your mouth or have chewy texture. But i think that's okay still edible and have a great taste. The hainam rice tasted decent, nothing special about it. So i think im gonna give the 3.5/5 to this dish.

2. Jucy Lucy + Sunny Side Up 135K + 15K++

"180g Angus black burger with double cheese stuffing, bacon, & seasoned fries"
This one was mine. I ordered this after debated with my friend, Angel. We decided to order different dishes so we could try each by each. But we wanted the same dish, and sadly i dont wanna eat pork nor chicken (most of them are chicken) because i am so bored of eating chicken. And i won haha. Sorry girl, but this belongs to me :p. Well the burger itself excludes sunny side up, you can add additional toppings if you want like Bacon, Egg in any style, Sausage, Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, Mixed greens, or even Foie Grass. You can chose whether you want pork bacon or turkey bacon inside your burger, and i picked turkey bacon. Actually the patty tasted delicious but i dont think it was great. Idk about you, but it reminds me of Mcdonald's Chesse Burger Patty. I would still pick The Good's Dinner's Coffee Rubbed Burger if its for the winner. The fries are soft in the center, tasted okay but that is not a kind of texture i expected from this fries. I like crispy fries like what Fish n Cos have. So im gonna give 3/5.

3. Linguine Aglio Olio 115K++

This one was Okta's. i did try a bit. It tasted good but not great, maybe because she didnt squeeze the lemon on the pasta. So i think it lost one strong element from the pasta. I always love freshly squeeze lemon on pasta. It helps awaken all the ingredients inside the pasta and makes the pasta even "wow". But i think it gets enough savory flavor from the anchovies while i couldnt really taste the Grana Padana. Oh anyway i didnt try the tiger shrimp because it only has 4 pcs i didnt have the heart since she looks like she loves shrimp and she hadn't had anything all day. So yeah hahaha . 3.5/5 for this pasta.

4. Reuben Pastrami Brisket 150K++

This one belonged to Angel. I must say we all love the toasts, it's soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, and also has enough buttery flavor. In my opinion, you dont have to add the thousand island anymore since the flavor would be too creamy and too savory. So i think all the pastrami itself is enough to eat without have to add anything, (well except chilli sauce) otherwise you will find it too exaggerated. It served along with the potato chips. At first i wouldnt mind if Angel wanted to exchange the chips with my fries but she said she mind haha so i just took few pieces of it and glad i didnt exchange them. Actually i like the crispiness it has but i don't like the bitterness i tasted in the end. So 3/5 for this pastrami.

6. The Green Supereme 45K++

This smoothie contained baby spinach, kiwi, and mango. Blended with yoghurt and ice cubes. It has generous amount of diced kiwi. This drink is so relaxing and refreshing. I was so thristy before but got freshen again because of this super smoothie ! It deserves 4/5 !

7. Mango Blush 45K++

Blended yoghurt, ice cubes, mango, passion fruit and banana served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I dont think they blend the passion fruit, because i could actually chewed passion fruits when i siped it. So maybe they just stir a good amount of passion fruit to the smoothie. I love passion fruit but dont really like it to eat it directly.  I'd choose to blend or drink the juices or concentrate or whatever it is as long as i dont have to chew it. I always feel like eat grapeseeds everytime i eat a whole passion fruit. But this smoothie is as refreshing as The Green Supreme one. Not really sweet so i think it also deserves a 4/5.

But im having a little issue with the waitress that served us. She was not nice, barely even smile and when she smiled, she gave us the forced smile. We even had to ask 3 times for the bill. So i think i'd give 2.5/5 for the service.

We were strolling around the mall and went accross to Plaza Indonesia. We were just killing time since we were waiting for 3in1 to over. We were walking and walking until i couldnt feel my feet and my boot sole almost tear apart. Luckily i already had a feeling about it and i brought my lovely Flip flops with me. So i changed it and we went to Union Deli to eat some sweets. The queue was quite long, i think we waited around 30mins more or so. And finally got our table. The four of us decided to ordered 3 kind of cakes because you know how big Union cakes are. We glad that the waiters were so kind and nice. Compared to the previous restaurant we went, this place got 4/5 for the service.

                 Closer look ? ;)

1. Red Velvet Pie 55K++

I must say i loveeeee love this pie way more than its cake !! Not too sweet not too creamy not too big. Its just perfect! I love how crunchy the crust is and how they put the right amount of cream cheese and everything. Ohh just perfect ! So i give 5/5 ! 

2. Nastar Crumble Cake

Not really a fan of Nastar but it had always took my attention. Just curious how would it taste if it turns into cakes. I thought the flavor would be too sweet and gross but turned out it amazed me. I feel the cake is so moist and fluffy (oh they always are) and the pinapple jam is not sweet, idk if its a good thing or not but for me its great since im a sweettooth but cant really stand too sweet dessert. And not to mention whatever the cream they put inside the cake.was.super.awesome. (And again its not sweet and not gross like the other unsweetened creams). 4 thumbs up for this cake equals to 4/5

3. Cheese Cake

I dont really like this cake but it also tastes amazing. The cheese and cream cheese are not overwhelming and not too mention the fluffy and moist cake is so so great. Nothing's special about this cake but still this is a great cake so i give 4/5

4. Earl Grey Tea 30K++

As always i always order Hot Tea to accompany me to eat these sweettooth. Because it neutralized the sweet that sometimes displeasing to the tongue. And you know Earl Grey has been my favorite since few years ago. I couldnt find any nicer tea to accompany me with. Asked the waiter to bring me some ice cubes because i was so thristy and needed something fresh but ended up drank all the hot tea and chewed the melted ice cubes lol

So i guess all the food i had were great. Dont really pleased with the service i got at Publik Markette but maybe would come back to try another menus.

Anyway, this is what i wore that day. I dont know whata gotten into me but im currently loving monochrome colors. I dont usually like wearing black or white but im currently like it now. I now love to dress up all black or all white. Dont ask me why because i just dont know.

        Top : @bfashionable_you (IG)
              Trousers : Newlook
               Boots : Newlook
                    Bag : Zara
        Necklace : @blacktreeshop (IG)

Oh anyway afrer Eid Mubarak this year i've made up my resolution that i would wear less sexy clothes more appropriate clothes. Well i dont know, i just started with maybe if i wear shorts or mini skirts i would wear long sleeves top or something with outwear. And if i wear a top that shows some skin, i would wear trousers, jeans, long skirt or whatever it is as long as it's not sexy. Well i dont know if it will succeed or not but hey at least i tried, right ? Lol

Bonus some selfies from me and friends LOL

                        Fish eye!!

              Spot the chubby me ?

Sorry for the bad quality pictures ! >.<


Saturday, August 8, 2015


OMG ! I don't know what to say. I just realized that the very last time i posted on my blog was more than a year ago ! I'm so sorry for the super lack of post here. I've been quite busy with Uni and life and not to mention my laziness becomes super duper worse xD.
No. Seriously guys, it's not that i'm lazy (well, i was) but i just don't have many times to deal with social medias after my new Uni started. And i've lost 2 phones in less than a year. Isn't that so sad ?! :( 
Oh! I remember! I think the last time i blogged, I told you guys that i was just finished doing some entrance test for my Uni. Yes, i got in ! (Of course, it's not NYU or Oxford or Harvard LOL). Its name is Trisakti Institute of Tourism, of course i took Hotel Management major. I've wanted to enter this Uni since i was in the 10th grade or so. Well i had to start over, but again. Life won't be a damn if you just do and fight after your passion right ? :)
Well enough about it. Maybe starting from now, i'll start to write about anything i want. So maybe this blog is not only for my daily look but maybe about Food (yeay!) and thoughts?
You know, having a blog can be quite confusing sometimes. Confusing here i mean like, it's supposed to be a blank canvas which you can do whatever your heart desires. Post any pictures you like, write any quotes, thoughts, words you like. But again, have you heard about our society issues ? I don't really get it, why do people like to mind other people's business ? Maybe if i write something that's not the same with what they thought, some people might leave some rude comments or so. 
Would you like it if you dont have a freedom to think whatever yourself desire ? Well, lucky me i'm not the kinda girl who gives a damn about what they think about me. I dont live to please them, and if i do anything like what society tells me to do, and i failed my life, i got nobody else to blame, nobody will be there to take the responsibillity, right ? 
I dont care if they think im stubborn, cocky, or whatever. I just dont care. The less you care the happier you will be right ? ;)
I'd like to post about some food that i ate yesterday at Publik Markette. But i think after i blab too much it wont be nice to read, right ? Haha. Anyway, im sorry if this post is quite a mess. i'm currently using Blogger for ipod :"). 
I promise tomorrow i'll post about it. So, please stay tune, Ok ! ;)

Sunday, March 2, 2014


 Hi guys ! Sorry for a very lack of post here ._. Didn't really have time to blog (honestly i had, just not in the mood ._.v )

Okay ! So this is just a super simple outfit i planned to wear to friend's apartment two days ago. He and his girlfriend threw some kind of hemm i don't know, party ? :/ They celebrate their 3 years anniversary and wanted to announce a good 'news'. Me and Aldo pray for your sake, couple ! ;) 

 I said "planned" because, at first i decided to wear this sweater along with this flare skirt but blame the super hot weather that i had to change it to a sleeveless shirt. I COULDN'T STAND THE HEAT !! T_T


So i guess i wore this outfit for blog purpose only lol.

And just like what i said earlier, it was because the heat, at first i also managed to wrap a scarf on my neck, it was an old gift from my sister's friend for my sweet 17th. But since i am not a kinda of scarf person, so i never wore it. This was my first time. And because of the burning sun, i couldn't stand it and i changed it to this gold chain necklace.

 Oh, and i left my bag also.

These darling babies are always been my favorite <3

Why flare skirt again ? Oh i just love flare skirts. i feel like having them in every colors ! I just love to see it from the back when i pair it with long tops. It's kinda cute ! <3<3<3

Oh and fyi, in my last post, i said i was gonna dye my hair. and yes, I did. But it turned out very bad, because it looked very different from what i expected. I wanted to dye my hair greyish ash and ombre it with dark green on the tip. But turned out the color result looks waaaaaaay different from what it must look. On the color chart book, it was like this.

12.7 Very Light Brown With Extra Ashen Reflect. i did bleach it first too, TWICE ! And i dont get it why did it appear like this.

I looked so horrible! it doesnt match my skin tone. And i asked the hair stylish to dye it again and again. YES 3 TIMES ! Till made my scalp ache and a feel super dizzy.  So it became a bit dark, but for me it's still too bright :(

And the color faded and faded, i really hate how my hair looks like now. And it was one of my reason why i didn't update my blog for so long, i didn't feel confidence enough because of this ugly hair -_-. I really wanted to dye it again. But im afraid the color wont do again. And it will only dry my hair more and more. Do you have any suggestion of greyish ash hair color that wont make hair too dry ? Please tell me :) 

Oh please ignore it, just wanted to have some fun LOL

Sweater - Zara
Flare Skirt - Unbranded
Grey Lola Boots - June and Julia
Scarf - Mango

Happy sunday and have a nice day good people ! ;)


Friday, December 27, 2013

3 Ways to Style Flare Skirt - Skater Skirt !

Hey guys ! In this post, I wanna show you  my 3 ways to style skater skirt or flare skirt. All of you must be familiar to this kinda skirt. It's like one of the must have item especially for summer ! I know it's rainy season here in Indonesia, but it doesn't affect what you should wear everyday besides the weather is still quite hot anyway.

Honestly, I've been looking for this shocking pink skater skirt everywhere. But because maybe it's still winter season in other countries, i found it quite hard to find this colour on any foreign stores (like Zara, Pull n Bear, etc). Luckily the owner of @sevendecember (instagram) sent me this and another stuff. And you know what ? I'm amazed ! Because this skirt has a super super thick and nice fabric (while i thought it was not) for a super affordable skirt. And the owner is so lovely ;) What are you waiting for ? Go check their Instagram for high quality and affordable clothes ! ;)

Look #1
- Dolly Pink -

I know, I know. I dont look like a doll, but trust me i look more like a doll from behind  LOL 

hahaha do you think i look like a super girly girl from behind ? 

I don't know what kind of stuff that is more girly than a flower pattern stuff. So I chose this flower pattern bustier. i love flower prints anyway <3

Stole my sister's bag when she was not at home LOL 

My current favorite shoes from boyfie <3

And I also know that shocking pink doesnt really suit black skin tone :( but who cares ? i dont look that irittating with this kinda color on my skin, right ? :p

Pink Flare Skirt - Seven December | Bag - Charles and Keith | Sea Green Gold Faux Suede Wedges - Team Wardrobe

Look #2
- Strawberry Oreo -

Im craving for some kind of cookies and cream milkshake :( But it's quite hard to find it here *sighs* it's kind of the disadvantage of living in a village. hmm

Anyway, just ignore the way I carried the bag as I didn't realize that I used it the other way around. Stupid me -____- 

For those who's still wondering why does my hair changed all of a sudden. The answer is, this is a wig ! LOL
i realllllyyyyyyyy want to have this kind of hair color. but sadly my mom and boyfriend dont allow me to dye my hair with this color. so i decide to buy a wig. Well, it's better to have fake version of it rather than never have it, right ?
And next January, i will dye my hair with ombre color ! Guess what colors ? ;D

it's my favorite simple yet edgy black shirt. the fabric is super comfy, and it has leather patches details on its shoulders. Bought it last year for around 10$. Cloth-Inc is my favorite local brand since they design awesome clothes with a super affordable price not to mention high quality of fabrics. i hope another local brands were just like them. i support our local brands but im sad about the facts that most of them sell low quality clothes with high prices :( i mean how are we supposed to support them if with the same price we can get foreign brand clothes that we already knew the quality of their clothes ? i hope our local brand can consider about that, so our local brand could be known by other people in other countries :)

Anyway, please ignore my annoying hair -__-

My brother in law got me this cutie pie when he had a race in Qatar. He is an Indonesian Motorcycle Racer. He still got time to pick me this cute watch eventhough he was so busy at that time. Isn't he a so lovely ? x) THANKYOUU PAPAH ! <3

Pink Skater Skirt - Seven December | Shoulder Leather Patch Black Shirt - Cloth Inc | White Watch - Casio  | Spiked Pump Shoes - New Look

Look #3
- Vanilla Strawberry Cream -

Againand again, pardon me for bad quality of pictures. Still use my Iphone 4 S for take my outfit pictures. You know, money issue ;(

To be honest, i never liked pink ! Especially shocking pink. But it has became my addiction right after i hit my head (seriously, im not kidding). This early 2013 i got some stitches because of my low blood pressure. My bad,when i woke up from my bed, i didnt sit for few seconds first ( i heard if you have a low blood pressure, you have to sit first before walk or you might faint). And i felt so dark, my head was spinning so bad, i couldnt help myself but hanging on my towel that hung on my door. I didnt remember anything except i felt that my head hit something so hard. i touched it, and it was bleeding sooooo much !! i got i dont know maybe 5 stitches on my upper back head. I've became a pink lover and i kinda like some of kpop songs. it's weird and funy how i used to hate kpop and pink. 

And another picture from behind LOL. Did you notice how much i love my back ? xD hahahaha

Pink Skater Skirt - Seven December | Spiked Denim Bustier - Forever 21 | Grey Suede Lola Boots - June+Julia

I guess that's all. i know this post contained so many picture. please bear with me about that LOL

So, which look do you like the most ? Let me know by comment below ! ;)

OH ! Merry Christmas for all who celebrate it ! May the Joyful of Christmas be with you all ! God bless you abundantlyyyyyy ! 

Titany Shintamurti