Friday, December 27, 2013

3 Ways to Style Flare Skirt - Skater Skirt !

Hey guys ! In this post, I wanna show you  my 3 ways to style skater skirt or flare skirt. All of you must be familiar to this kinda skirt. It's like one of the must have item especially for summer ! I know it's rainy season here in Indonesia, but it doesn't affect what you should wear everyday besides the weather is still quite hot anyway.

Honestly, I've been looking for this shocking pink skater skirt everywhere. But because maybe it's still winter season in other countries, i found it quite hard to find this colour on any foreign stores (like Zara, Pull n Bear, etc). Luckily the owner of @sevendecember (instagram) sent me this and another stuff. And you know what ? I'm amazed ! Because this skirt has a super super thick and nice fabric (while i thought it was not) for a super affordable skirt. And the owner is so lovely ;) What are you waiting for ? Go check their Instagram for high quality and affordable clothes ! ;)

Look #1
- Dolly Pink -

I know, I know. I dont look like a doll, but trust me i look more like a doll from behind  LOL 

hahaha do you think i look like a super girly girl from behind ? 

I don't know what kind of stuff that is more girly than a flower pattern stuff. So I chose this flower pattern bustier. i love flower prints anyway <3

Stole my sister's bag when she was not at home LOL 

My current favorite shoes from boyfie <3

And I also know that shocking pink doesnt really suit black skin tone :( but who cares ? i dont look that irittating with this kinda color on my skin, right ? :p

Pink Flare Skirt - Seven December | Bag - Charles and Keith | Sea Green Gold Faux Suede Wedges - Team Wardrobe

Look #2
- Strawberry Oreo -

Im craving for some kind of cookies and cream milkshake :( But it's quite hard to find it here *sighs* it's kind of the disadvantage of living in a village. hmm

Anyway, just ignore the way I carried the bag as I didn't realize that I used it the other way around. Stupid me -____- 

For those who's still wondering why does my hair changed all of a sudden. The answer is, this is a wig ! LOL
i realllllyyyyyyyy want to have this kind of hair color. but sadly my mom and boyfriend dont allow me to dye my hair with this color. so i decide to buy a wig. Well, it's better to have fake version of it rather than never have it, right ?
And next January, i will dye my hair with ombre color ! Guess what colors ? ;D

it's my favorite simple yet edgy black shirt. the fabric is super comfy, and it has leather patches details on its shoulders. Bought it last year for around 10$. Cloth-Inc is my favorite local brand since they design awesome clothes with a super affordable price not to mention high quality of fabrics. i hope another local brands were just like them. i support our local brands but im sad about the facts that most of them sell low quality clothes with high prices :( i mean how are we supposed to support them if with the same price we can get foreign brand clothes that we already knew the quality of their clothes ? i hope our local brand can consider about that, so our local brand could be known by other people in other countries :)

Anyway, please ignore my annoying hair -__-

My brother in law got me this cutie pie when he had a race in Qatar. He is an Indonesian Motorcycle Racer. He still got time to pick me this cute watch eventhough he was so busy at that time. Isn't he a so lovely ? x) THANKYOUU PAPAH ! <3

Pink Skater Skirt - Seven December | Shoulder Leather Patch Black Shirt - Cloth Inc | White Watch - Casio  | Spiked Pump Shoes - New Look

Look #3
- Vanilla Strawberry Cream -

Againand again, pardon me for bad quality of pictures. Still use my Iphone 4 S for take my outfit pictures. You know, money issue ;(

To be honest, i never liked pink ! Especially shocking pink. But it has became my addiction right after i hit my head (seriously, im not kidding). This early 2013 i got some stitches because of my low blood pressure. My bad,when i woke up from my bed, i didnt sit for few seconds first ( i heard if you have a low blood pressure, you have to sit first before walk or you might faint). And i felt so dark, my head was spinning so bad, i couldnt help myself but hanging on my towel that hung on my door. I didnt remember anything except i felt that my head hit something so hard. i touched it, and it was bleeding sooooo much !! i got i dont know maybe 5 stitches on my upper back head. I've became a pink lover and i kinda like some of kpop songs. it's weird and funy how i used to hate kpop and pink. 

And another picture from behind LOL. Did you notice how much i love my back ? xD hahahaha

Pink Skater Skirt - Seven December | Spiked Denim Bustier - Forever 21 | Grey Suede Lola Boots - June+Julia

I guess that's all. i know this post contained so many picture. please bear with me about that LOL

So, which look do you like the most ? Let me know by comment below ! ;)

OH ! Merry Christmas for all who celebrate it ! May the Joyful of Christmas be with you all ! God bless you abundantlyyyyyy ! 

Titany Shintamurti


  1. why! this is such a nice styling tips!
    and your skater skirt is really bright and neon pink! brings out the whole outfit, i like the third look the best!

    1. I thought it was a long and boring post LOL
      Thankyou so much dear ! <3
      Have a nice holiday :)

      Titany Shintamurti

  2. I love the pictures! :-D

    1. Thankyouu deaaar ! :)
      Have a nice holiday ! ;)


  3. Nice look, like the skirt and the color of your hair! amazing :)
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

  4. Super crazy hair coloring ! I really want to dye my hair like yours, but I still confuse , hehehe..

    Chic Swank

  5. Lovely post :)) You have such a great blog! I'm inviting you to join my $150 chicnova giveaway ;D


  6. Love it paired with all out color! Those turq and gold kicks are killer hun! Love your vibe!

    Happy New Year hun! Thank you for visiting and hope to see you back for my latest!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  7. Wow what a lovely and awesome outfit looking so cute ...
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    buy leather jackets online

  8. Love the styling of the 3 outfits! I'm dying over the 1st shoes!!

    Xo Mariely

  9. nice hair colour!! omg hehehehe
    i love your first look anyway, but all is nice <3<3
    great to found your blog! <3

    Ruby and Rosa

  10. I love your skirt, especially it's come in pink! You have a nice blog, min to follow each other? :)

  11. I love your blog


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