Monday, December 14, 2015

Channeling My Inner Turkish

Hello gorgeous people, how you doing ? I hope you're doin fine, because i am ;)
This post is gonna be about the whole makeup look that my friend, Xaveria S. Saritta did to my face a week ago. Scroll down, guys ! ;)

So, she's a new talented MUA in town, she asked me to be her model on her school's session. Since i had nothing to do on that day, so i think why not ? Actually i skipped Uni that day and thank God the lecturers didn't come. I know lucky me, right ? xD 

And that day's makeup was Arabian Look. Sadly they don't have the veil, so i was just wearing this red lace scarf. 

At first she put on this super gorgeous red lipstick on me. She really likes this look. But i personally think, i look like Betawinese more than Arabian with this look LOL

Don't get me wrong, i still like this look, only the way the scarf worn that i think made me look like Betawinese.

This is the closer look, i really amazed by those perfect brows, gonna learn how to make them !! 

I askes her to change the lipstick into nude, i know it still has a bit redish colour from the previous lipstick, but it still looks nice, doesn't it ? ;)

I personally think nude looks better than the red one. 

Thank great grandpa for turkish blood ;p 
Some of you might (or might not) know that i'm a mixed roots.
I have Indonesian, Turkish and Chinese bloods run through my veins. 
Some of people might not believe but this is where i got my height (my Mom said he was around 6.6 feets tall :O ) and my eyes from. 
But some people definitely can tell from what i look like. People oftenly ask whether i'm a mixed roots or not because my face doesn't look like Indonesian people.
But i still figure it out, which part of me that shows i have Chinese blood runs through me LOL. This is weird but some of my friends can tell while i'm still wondering.

So, which look do you think looks best on me ? Please tell me what you think about this look down below ! :D

Bonus pictures with the MUA, i know she must be mad at me because i post these on my blog. But yeah, i did :p


with <3