Friday, August 30, 2013

Stolen Shirt

Heyyyyy everybody ! Finally i got a chance to post a new post after quite a loooong time ! As you know, i have no another internet connection in my house beside my iphone internet packet :(. I know i could use my iphone as an internet modem. I've tried that but sadly, i don't know what happened with my laptop, i couldn't open blogger page. It keeps saying, "We can't make sure this site is secure blablabla". And i'm not a computer expert so i really have no idea about that. I even borrowed my sister in law's laptop to try, but it also says the same T^T

But i don't know what to say when finally Blogger Application for Iphone has finally launched a new version of Blogger !! You can write anything before or after you post the pictures just like blogging with computers. *happy* But the only thing that makes me sad about this application is, it has no auto-saved fiture. Honestly i just finished write this post a half hour ago, but after select all this writing to make it looks tidy, i accidentaly pressed  a letter and PLOP! it's gone -_____- so here i am writing this looong post again *sighs*

Yeah, i just got bored so i managed to took these snaps since i had nothing else to do yesterday. Actually, i have nothing to do everyday because i moved college. But due to some problems i've planed to start study at my new campus next year so i have nothing to do for the next one year T^T . But it's okay ! Because finally i can learn something that i love. Actually, my parents and sister didn't allow me to take this major before. But now, after everything i've been through at my preview college they allowed me ! *happycry* 

You know, it's so good to finally can do what you love to do ! When you can learn what you love and don't have to feel pushed to learn something that you don't like. Well, actually nobody pushed me to learn what i had been studying before since i chose another major that i might be interest a bit by myself. But it's getting harder and harder to do my best in every single things i have to do. I felt so burdened. But thank God now i don't have to feel the same :')

It's really important to speak up to your parents about what you wanna be and what you love to do. You know, it feels so good to do and learn something you love instead of another things that might promise you a better future. I mean it's good also to consider about your future, it really is. But it will feel harder to do because you don't really like it, it's not your passion, it's not something you really wanna do. Maybe some people just do whatever their parents tell them to do, because their parents think it's the best for them and they're just afraid to tell them what they want. But, have you ever tried to speak up ? Tell them what you like to do ? Convince them. And do your best ! Make them proud, make them think that it's not waste their time and money to let you do what you love because in the end, you prove that you can be succeed and HAPPY. Well just do the best !! Give them your best :)

Okay enough with my life story lol i hope you won't get bored of my life story :p

About my new post, yeay ! Finally i figured a way out to take pictures for my blog ! This time i used my Iphone, well my Iphone camera resolution is not really good but at least it's waaaaaay better than my digicam resolution ! Maybe this could be my forever alternative before i get a new digicam ;) oh i used tripod to took this , nobody can help me take good pictures at my house lolol

Stole my nephew's plaid shirt to complete this look yesterday :p it was a gift from me and my bf for my nephew when he turned into 8 years old last year. Thank you sweety pie for letting me borrow this cute stuff ! <3 <3

Please please please just ignore my stupid face there lol. I love my pose there but not how my face looks like :p

Oh oh ! Do you think my diet works ? :D I have been eating clean and working out to lose some pounds. I just don't wanna look like myself when i was in elementary school -_- seriously i was soooooo horrible ! I was so so so fat and so black :( i really looked so ugly (well, i am not pretty but i believe i look waaay better than i was 'yesterday' lol) even my friends said that i did a total plastic surgery after saw my childhood pictures ! -_____- if you don't believe me, maybe i should post some pictures of my childhood picture so you can tell me about that ? No ? Lol :p

Oh and about the boots ! I really love this pair, got them from June and Julia. Oh I purchased them 2 years ago. This pair is a great alternative if you can't afford buying Jeffrey Campbell like me :( Seriously, they are sooooo comfy not to mention the price is so affordable and the quality is also great ;) check out their website if you don't believe me ! But sadly they're not high enough for me :( my bad i didn't read the details about the shoes carefully because they got me paralyzed by the design. I thought the heels was 12 or 13cm but turned out it was just 10cm :( because of that i rarely wear them out. i don't like mid heels because for me they don't look good and i don't know i lose my confidence to walk on flats or mid heels. I feel soooo, idk what to describe it, ehmm i just feel my whole look looks not good besides they make my calves look bigger ! You can see i have big calves, it's so hard to get rid of the fats there *sighs*
Eventhough they're not high enough for me, they're still so darling for everyone, people still stare at them everytime i wear them out ;)

I've asked them whether they can change the heels to 13cm or not, but still got no replies yet. I'd be soooo happy if they could ! I'll be just waiting here patiently until they reply my email. I hope they can !! *fingercrossed*

Spiked Denim Bustier - Forever 21
Brown Leather Shorts - New Look
Gold Choker Necklace - Forever 21
Studded Red Plaid Shirt - Zara Kids
Grey Suede Lola Boots - June and Julia

Anyway, i just wanna share a story that happened to me this morning. I was sleeping when suddenly my mom screamed she was panic and woke me up . She was on the phone with idk some woman or man. She/he said that my nephew just got an accident, he fell, fainted, and bleeding through his nose and ears, he/she also said my nephew was in coma. And my mom have to do a payment for some medical equipments about 9.000.000,-  IDR NOW OR MY NEPHEW COULD'T BE SAFED.
I really thought it was really from his teacher/headmaster. So i went to the hospital first without call his school before while my mom still busy on the phone with them. 
And you know what ? When i got there, there's no  kid named Leo in Emergency Unit. And nobody named Prof. Hartono or DR. David either (my mom spoke to those fake doctors, they said they're people who took care of my nephew's accident). I called my sister and told her to call my nephew's school because i don't have their number. And guess what my nephew was at his classroom, studying. I called my mom and THANK GOD ! my mom has not done any payments !!  I went to his school with sister and my sis' mother in law. The teacher said that kind of thing happens a lot at their school ! And sadly, few days ago some parents just got fooled by those people and they did 14.000.000,- IDR payment before make sure to the school ! Poor parents :( what so convincing is, they know all the information about the kids and the school, such as what the kids look like, their homes, parents numbers, school drivers name, teachers names, kids classes, etc. ckckck 
I have no idea why there are some people who have the hard to do such things :( people nowadays just so pathetic. Well i should have called the school before, i must be more careful next time. I hope thay people won't do this anymore to other people :( and i hope there's no one to be their victims next time. Just beware guys :(