Sunday, March 2, 2014


 Hi guys ! Sorry for a very lack of post here ._. Didn't really have time to blog (honestly i had, just not in the mood ._.v )

Okay ! So this is just a super simple outfit i planned to wear to friend's apartment two days ago. He and his girlfriend threw some kind of hemm i don't know, party ? :/ They celebrate their 3 years anniversary and wanted to announce a good 'news'. Me and Aldo pray for your sake, couple ! ;) 

 I said "planned" because, at first i decided to wear this sweater along with this flare skirt but blame the super hot weather that i had to change it to a sleeveless shirt. I COULDN'T STAND THE HEAT !! T_T


So i guess i wore this outfit for blog purpose only lol.

And just like what i said earlier, it was because the heat, at first i also managed to wrap a scarf on my neck, it was an old gift from my sister's friend for my sweet 17th. But since i am not a kinda of scarf person, so i never wore it. This was my first time. And because of the burning sun, i couldn't stand it and i changed it to this gold chain necklace.

 Oh, and i left my bag also.

These darling babies are always been my favorite <3

Why flare skirt again ? Oh i just love flare skirts. i feel like having them in every colors ! I just love to see it from the back when i pair it with long tops. It's kinda cute ! <3<3<3

Oh and fyi, in my last post, i said i was gonna dye my hair. and yes, I did. But it turned out very bad, because it looked very different from what i expected. I wanted to dye my hair greyish ash and ombre it with dark green on the tip. But turned out the color result looks waaaaaaay different from what it must look. On the color chart book, it was like this.

12.7 Very Light Brown With Extra Ashen Reflect. i did bleach it first too, TWICE ! And i dont get it why did it appear like this.

I looked so horrible! it doesnt match my skin tone. And i asked the hair stylish to dye it again and again. YES 3 TIMES ! Till made my scalp ache and a feel super dizzy.  So it became a bit dark, but for me it's still too bright :(

And the color faded and faded, i really hate how my hair looks like now. And it was one of my reason why i didn't update my blog for so long, i didn't feel confidence enough because of this ugly hair -_-. I really wanted to dye it again. But im afraid the color wont do again. And it will only dry my hair more and more. Do you have any suggestion of greyish ash hair color that wont make hair too dry ? Please tell me :) 

Oh please ignore it, just wanted to have some fun LOL

Sweater - Zara
Flare Skirt - Unbranded
Grey Lola Boots - June and Julia
Scarf - Mango

Happy sunday and have a nice day good people ! ;)