Friday, July 19, 2013

Middle of July

Do you realize that the weather here in Indonesia is kinda weird ? I don't know what season must be this month, but it's still weird. Actually, I took this outfit pictures on the first week of july, but sadly i was in a lazy-to-write-anything mood (i know that's very typical of me). I've even saved this post on my blog's draft for quite long time. Sorrryyy :p

I have to say, this is the coolest dress i've ever bought for myself ! Thanks to my beloved friend who brought this straight from US.

I love the spikes detils on the dress, (sadly this dress bust is just a little big for me :( ) and i think this dress completely defines my style. I don't know what kind of style i have but i don't like something simple. And when i dress up, i must add something eye-catching stuff on my outfit.

But actually, i'm not always as confident as i seem with my own style. Still hear from others tho. Like when my sister, boyfriend, friends says don't wear that with that it makes you look so bla bla bla, or you look just so , or don't buy that stuff, it's so fussy ! So i always end up with not-that-eye catching look. I think it's nice to look not that eye catching huh. Isn't it ?Lol

But this pair is different ! I got it as a birthday present from my lovely bf ! (You know how much i love you ko !) they're just too gorgeous, right ? I can tell, all eyes on my babies everytime i wear them out ! And i just love the feeling when people look at my shoes and compliment these amazing creature. Are they eye catching enough ? For me yes !

Spiked Corset Dress - Forever 21
Golden Snake Skin Clutch - New Look
Necklace - Sister's
DEE Sea Green Gold Faux Suede Wedges - Team Wardrobe

Sorry, got problems with my laptop. Can't open gmail or blogger :( So i'm posting from my iphone but couldn't scrool down and edit this post. Sorry for the mess ! :(

Enjoy your holiday all !

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