Saturday, August 8, 2015


OMG ! I don't know what to say. I just realized that the very last time i posted on my blog was more than a year ago ! I'm so sorry for the super lack of post here. I've been quite busy with Uni and life and not to mention my laziness becomes super duper worse xD.
No. Seriously guys, it's not that i'm lazy (well, i was) but i just don't have many times to deal with social medias after my new Uni started. And i've lost 2 phones in less than a year. Isn't that so sad ?! :( 
Oh! I remember! I think the last time i blogged, I told you guys that i was just finished doing some entrance test for my Uni. Yes, i got in ! (Of course, it's not NYU or Oxford or Harvard LOL). Its name is Trisakti Institute of Tourism, of course i took Hotel Management major. I've wanted to enter this Uni since i was in the 10th grade or so. Well i had to start over, but again. Life won't be a damn if you just do and fight after your passion right ? :)
Well enough about it. Maybe starting from now, i'll start to write about anything i want. So maybe this blog is not only for my daily look but maybe about Food (yeay!) and thoughts?
You know, having a blog can be quite confusing sometimes. Confusing here i mean like, it's supposed to be a blank canvas which you can do whatever your heart desires. Post any pictures you like, write any quotes, thoughts, words you like. But again, have you heard about our society issues ? I don't really get it, why do people like to mind other people's business ? Maybe if i write something that's not the same with what they thought, some people might leave some rude comments or so. 
Would you like it if you dont have a freedom to think whatever yourself desire ? Well, lucky me i'm not the kinda girl who gives a damn about what they think about me. I dont live to please them, and if i do anything like what society tells me to do, and i failed my life, i got nobody else to blame, nobody will be there to take the responsibillity, right ? 
I dont care if they think im stubborn, cocky, or whatever. I just dont care. The less you care the happier you will be right ? ;)
I'd like to post about some food that i ate yesterday at Publik Markette. But i think after i blab too much it wont be nice to read, right ? Haha. Anyway, im sorry if this post is quite a mess. i'm currently using Blogger for ipod :"). 
I promise tomorrow i'll post about it. So, please stay tune, Ok ! ;)

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